Microlearning 2006 – Day 1

Microlearning 2006 has the best S/N of the conferences I’ve attended till then, so it’s just definitely took over of Online Educa in my personal preference list. Perhaps that’s why I’m quite impatient with those who add to the /N part.

I believe that who are talking too much definetely wanting to prove themselves, who are unsure and self-conscious should reflect a bit on their inner motivations. You know who you are.

Some remarks:

  • Sorry to all the Semantic Webists out there, there is no Ontology. (With big O). Although I have to note that while laughing out loud on all kind of knowledge management ‘systems’ I believe the first working instance of such a system while also being an intelligent semantic solution has been given birth by the guys at System One. Hope they send me a mail before going public, because I’m a definite buyer of their future stock. (I had the feeling that they have some connections to Vanillasite, now that I’ve found out soon that they’ve made that one also.)
  • Tags are not razor sharp. Without mentioning uncompatible and partial ontological mappings of the world, just think of tags like ‘social’, ‘social software’, ‘social application’. Also think of ‘social.software’, ‘social_software’ and simply ‘soclia app’.
  • Visualization is key for delivering messages, although sticking to visual models, because they look lovely, symmetric, etc. is lethally killing actual thoughts. Building your train of thought on a wonderful, but thoroughly false picture leads to enermous time killed on wanting to see the world beautifully simple. (I personally come up quite rarely with a stunning and simple visual for a good metaphor, either the metaphor is bad or my visual skills are poor. I believe I try to use the classic management consultant visual metaphors too much. And man, now they tend to oversimplify.)
  • By breakfast we’ve invented a new Eurovision Contest on which countries (or regions, because the myth of nation states should be fading to a think-global-act-local regional structure) “suffered the most” during their history. Complain and whine to win! (co-producers are not named to protect the innocent)
  • I should definitely work on a GIMPed box of World of Warcraft for the already very popular MMORPG, called Academia.

I am very happy to have met and would like to thank for their thoughts to Martin Lindner & Peter A. Bruck @ Research Studios Austria, Tom Fuerstner & Bruno Haid @ System One, David Smith, Sebastian Fiedler, Roger Fischer @ Kaywa.

Btw, WiFi is so f***ed up, that I’ve lost part of this post due to stupid “Problem loading page” messages.


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  1. Roger said

    Hi there,
    It was a pleasure meeting you. Somehow – i don’t know how yet;) – a follow-up would be cool. Any ideas?

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