Re: Constructivism vs. Connectivism

As commenting still does not work at George’s, I do it here.

“Idea without boundaries”, “philosophy without root”, these sound to me more like poetry. Constructivism is anything actually happened to root in my head opposed to the data loading before a university exam and unloading after the exam – this applies even to complex math, not just historical facts. The human mind is an efficient and flexible entity and all you want of me is measuring how efficiently can I load data in my head, I minimize my efforts and load for the needed time, but not much else happens in the “learning” sense.

“Context, need, intent”: sounds to me almost like sufi 🙂 I believe that learning happens in our head. Where else could it happen???

Re: subscribing to a magazine: I think the more active the involvement the deeper the scar becomes. Letters come and letters go. Action matters.


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