Re: Elgg, Drupal, and Moodle

Do I reside in the land of nowhere between the defenders of the status quo and the people with the hammer looking for each and every nail? An overtooled solution again. Non-working blog comments and forced registration is a big no-no even in the days of blogspamming, but get a spamfilter (Akismet is nice). Till then I have to rely on backtrack.

FunnyMonkey seems to be an IT-headed solution provider having nice thoughts, but a bit overstating the currently available pieces of the puzzle as a possible solution. Sorry, Drupal is one of the worst piece of software I’ve seen, it’s good intentioned, but bad metaphored – even for the IT heads. Perhaps it’s a personal bad taste in my mouth, but considering that together with my lead project manager colleague we could not manage to find out how should it be tweaked to get to any not-overcomplicated, understandable outcomes of the package, I would say it’s useless. (Yes, we’re technically savvy people, with a total of 40 years spent using computers.)


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