Semantic wikis

Although I believe that no Ontology do exist and also shouldn’t exist (thank you, Mr. Orwell), but there are several semantic wiki projects are listed here with an active Semantic Wiki Community.

I personally do like the IkeWiki approach based on Mediawiki. The paper A Semantic Wiki for collaborative knowledge formation (pdf) summarizes nicely knowledge models, while the paper IkeWiki: A Semantic Wiki for Collaborative Knowledge Management (pdf) explains the actual IkeWiki itself.

MediaWiki can become a de facto standard as its learning curve can be painless:
editing Wikipedia -> own MediaWiki -> Mediawiki w/ integrated WP -> IkeWiki

(Worth noting again that the only knowledge management application I know that actually works is System One.)



  1. Erich said

    I think IkeWiki is actually not MediaWiki-based. It just is currently themed to look like MediaWiki. From the first page: “Although IkeWiki looks and behaves like Wikipedia/MediaWiki in many aspects, it is a complete rewrite”
    It also is based on Java/Tomcat/Postgres, not PHP/MySQL.

  2. soobrosa said

    you’re completely right

    but keeping the UI is a big yes-yes for uptake, that’s why I think it’s a wise decision

    thanks for the comment, anyway

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