Oh, two friends of mine just met, Sudden and Lee.

Past week Simile Timeline just surfaced, as they defnie it, it “is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for visualizing time-based events.”

I was fascinated as I’m still pursuing the goal of making a visual cv. Simile is nice and free, although documentation is not user friendly and the engine shouts for an editor. The actual timeline format is straight-forward, but I had some problems actually figuring out what could be done how – inline links does not work for me for some unknown reasons.

Good examples of include a career timeline and a generated log-based one.

Also worth noting Dandelife, a social biography network. To get you started you may want to see what co-founder Kelly Abbott did.

Update: “HTML added into event descriptions won’t display, and quotation marks in titles also won’t work.” (via Lifehacker). Found out about Long Now, a Python timeline engine.


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