Desktop as a metaphor got hot again recently as the latter Bumptop and Multi-Touch Interaction demos showed.


Multi-Touch Interaction Research

The multi-touch possibility is seemed to be patented for Nintendo DS and we know for sure that all upcoming consoles, Nintendo Wii, PS3 will have gesture technology interfaces, while PS2 already had EyeToy and Microsoft has just licensed one for the XBOX 360 Live Vision. Latter is provided by GestureTek who seems to be getting into Sony EyeToy as well. (I wonder what will they add to what Richard Marks did till now.)

While the most widely known Minority Report interface was developed by Schematic, more and more functional ones pop up from giants like Sony or small independent developers like Natural Interaction.

Sony Revolution

Natural Interaction Interactive Wall

Within the currently available desktop mouse gestures also gain recognition. Besides browsers like Opera and Firefox, mostly games do utilize this possibility, namely Myth, Black & White (2001), Arx Fatalis (2002) and recently Darwinia and Okami.

Okami gameplay

P.S.: My favourite funny one is the automated Max Headroom that is sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ!


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