Clashin’ on the ‘new teacher’

Peter Wood is an idealist: “In a globalised world, mediocre teaching is doomed.

Stephen Downes is an idealist: “If anything, online learning heralds the age of mediocre teaching, because it will herald an age when almost everybody is a teacher.

Yes, I’m also an idealist: “Hm. Living in an Eastern European country where the quality of education dropped horrendously in the last 15 years leaving us with an inert body of public education and only the worst candidates going to university to became a teacher what is the solution?

I’m really pro-anarcho syndicalist, but the only practising teacher I’ve seen as a role model for the “new teacher” works in an elite high school.”

I see that right now a teacher in Hungary is someone who graduates as a teacher. Most likely she cannot teach, sorry. What’s the solution?


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