Learning spaces for real

Will ever a topdown, structure-oriented, hypocrite “no-better-solution-but-democracy” system meet bottomup, network-oriented, face-value organizations?

I remember being 16 years old when we started to hang out with my friends at a so-called Youth Office in my hometown. It was a typical topdown “service” where youngsters could find some work or so, if there were any for them, but for sure there wasn’t – as officials can grasp youth politics. A twentysomething girl and boy maintained the office and as they were teachers by profession who didn’t like that much the feel of being in a teacher community in the school, they choose this work to stay close to their interests: kids. Fortunately they let us hang out, edit our newspaper there, and soon we started to organize art events for/with kids in the official Youth House that housed the office, and sure, it resisted hard against any “unprofessional”, however inclusive programmes. Some generations of kids, named thereafter as Artery Creative Group, managed to organize Arts Week for the High Schools for more than five years, sometimes with no money, sometimes from some small grants – for the fun of it.

Nowadays I receive occasional spam from a typical waterheaded European project called CompTrain. I get very annoyed because so-called experts (should-be multimedia experts) who can’t even make a decent website for themselves call out for declaring “Competence Needs for Formation and Training in Multimedia Jobs”.

On the other side I remember a Hungarian web-community called inertia (now defunct), that was educating via fourms and so even in 1999, using pocket money published an art book of print works of worldwide known webdesigners called 800×600 Inertia VisualCulture in 2002.

More memories: one of the best webbuilder companies (friends) of Hungary founded on IRC back in 1997 or 1998, members not met IRL before, got bought by internet consulting company (us), they ran the webdivision, and got burnt out by the industry, leaving to be perhaps a carpenter and a porn photographer in 2006.

European Union, I know that you cover your ass spending money on people in suits plus you can trust only in the similar type, but again, thanks for a project just in time with the suitable experts. 🙂

(More addition to the tyranny of the European population armed with design-squary glasses: I was wondering if keeping the aesthetics our game a bit not so glossy can help inclusion of people like hanging out forums like this: Webpage of Amateur Artists. Copycats meet teenage depression, sure, but at least creation takes place not just roaming in mall as expressed in lots of Myspace selfportraits. However also interesting to see teenagers perfecting their photoshooting skills while maintaining the inside-out braveness of mediated self-exposition. I wonder when will an artist-teacher venture to such a forum to be a master, not a hypocrite, authoritan “artist”.)


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