Short notice on papers’ heaven

In Digital Youth Research the academia finally seems to be a bit interested in the kids’ actual practice. A definite reader on Kids’ Informal Learning with Digital Media.

Would like to add more on the bootlegging community and its tools.

Acid Express The free version of the multitrack sound editor that is the most popular tool of the bootleggers, youngsters who make their own reinterpretations of popular music pieces — not caring for copyright, for sure. Their biggest online community, get your bootleg on consists of more than 4000 active, contributing people. Recently video jockeying also got out of the hands of professionals and the youngsters started to produce their mash-ups from music videos and all kind of video sources. On mash-up music and video jockeys see Wikipedia. For more on the concept of rip burn’n’mix culture, see Molnar (1998) and Goetz (2004).” (Molnar, 2006)


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