What’s next, LMS?

‘Mkay, we’ve seen Blackboard doing the best a capitalist can (pdf), I wonder if Educause can do anything about it. I really don’t know how can it affect Moodle, the open source solution that seems to be providing most an LMS should.

Educase also did a survey on what current LMS users want (pdf) and while Elgg Spaces just been announced (sorry, I can’t see why is this solution promotes or helps learning, actually, or in what way is more than People Aggregator), only the guys down under seem to be grasping the e-portfolio story with Mahara.

Sure I have to include the latter drawing of Stephen Downes (click to enlarge).

I think we’re still running into two basic problems:
a) who provides the identity server?
b) who hosts the e-portfolio?

These questions are rather politically-filled as far as I’ve been concerned Hungarian state/European initiatives regarding these questions. I hope that this service will be removed from the academia much to a state-level – however that means more and more time consumed by consultations regarding the speed of the EU giving space to the educational status quo to maintain its power. (See the ePortfolio 2010 goal in Europe – as it says in 2010, every citizen will have an ePortfolio.)

I hope that moving identities and e-portfolio a bit far from the currently – mostly – practically useless education institutions can help us separating learning – a possibility actually not provided at educational institutions – from qualification.



  1. Right. In my own thinking, there is any number of identity servers – it’s a distributed system – and people can choose to use a stand-alone service, one provided by an ISP, or even to set up their own. See http://www.downes.ca/midm.htm

    As for portfolios – I don’t care. The actual contents of the portfolio are stored all over the net – in Flicker, in Youtube, in Gliffy, etc., and the ‘portfolio’ is just a list of pointers, nothing more complex than an RSS file.

  2. soobrosa said

    Stephen, I agree with you theoretically, I was just wonder how the European “lifelong learning” Community mean to implement these stuff. Love to tend to centralised and bureaucratic solutions.

    I believe that midm is a good one, actually we’re thinking of trying to put it work for an association of universities, quite subrosa.

    Yep, you’re right regarding the portfolio, I actually mean on portfolio an interface where you can edit and show this list of pointers, a bit like my sketch here on Flickr. I believe that there should be some visual stuff to it, some more here.

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