Myspace selfphotography

I’ve written an article for PEP! Magazine on the selfphotographing teens from Hungary on Most of the literature used to form hypothesises and preconceptions are listed in this entry – and don’t forget Danah Boyd.

Some noticeable findings:

  • all seven contacted girls who showed a noticeable photographic and artistic aesthetics came from middle class, that one one hand makes me think of should we boost the already leading ones – like in a power law -, with informal learning – as they’ve also revealed most of their learning sources were informal -, on the other hand poses the question whether we really can push the digitally divided as they does not necessarily have the needed spare resources to explore digital identities,
  • as my girlfriend pointed out aesthetics are more relevant than actual content and context to these middle class girls – this shows that how more they raved about than,
  • while researching the article I’ve discoveried a lot about, the biggest online artistic community that has more than 2 million registered users in September 2006 that also provides a way of its users to monetarize on their artistic productions – technically it’s a boosted forum system that has a tipically flawed community history of some leaving and some leading,
  • global audiences seem to be far more attractive than local ones – this could be shown in that the, something like a Hungarian Deviantart, was unknown to them,
  • self(identity)exploration is more democratized – although it’s possible backfires resulted from selfexplosion and externalization of the ego are not yet researched -, but Cindy Sherman, Natacha Merrit, marinkel and spanish girl in Oxford definitely already defined the genre in a photographic sense

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