Three short book reviews

Bill Drummond 45 Lovely insight of a real artist in this fake world. Contains sudden loud laughs, honest and cynic. A bit too much of a whining and selfconfession, however they fit the agenda. A must for all serious considerers of pop in its any manifestations and for the admirers of The Manual, and The KLF phenomenon.

Tom Standage: A History of the World in Six Glasses
A definitive read for any food enthuasist. This book should form the core of the would-be reformed history classes for our children that will not teach what the victors made their writers write, but how humanity evolved REALLY with beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and soda.

Mark Kurlansky: Salt – A World History
Well-versed, thorough work, the second pillar in the new history curriculum on the everydays of civilisiation evolving. Contains original recipes!


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