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System of a down

„Even a don sympathetic to Derrida admitted that ’deconstruction, which began as a heresy, soon turned into a dogma, and hardened into a theology, sustained by a network of evangelists and high priests and inquisitors.” (Wheen, Francis: How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered The World, Harper Perennial, 2004, pp 81)

LOCATION Agora in an imaginary polis. Three wise old men, Cles, Ssos and Tes talk about their education system.

Ssos draw a pyramid in the sand.


Then another.


Cles thought for a while then started out.

“Well, I cannot say much against it. My experiences, and the experiences i’m making right now with the class of my 10 year old daughter, certainly point in that direction. I just hope there will form a web-based bypass to the petrified heart of education & the scientific community. (Maybe we should try something ourselves.) I must confess that I still have some sympathy with the “analytical ubermensch” concept, though I personally failed in this ambition, and mainstream academia certainly does. Only point of criticism: I don’t really think, from my experience, that academia does serve the interests of Capital. It seems to be more like a self-sustaining system, at least in the Western polises. Finally it’s interesting that the same diagnosis seems to apply to very different systems of education: the Western system seems to be quite idiosyncratic and is certainly different from the United ones, or Maple Polis, or the Kingdom, and I don’t know anything of the situation in Eastern polises.

Ssos reflected.

“Heppell’s doctoral is a bit overacademied, although I actually like it. Perhaps it’s too harsh to say that R&D is only funded by military and pharma, but I should investigate this. Western education INDUSTRY is the same. This is a good one from Economist.

Tes broke her silence.

“In primary education peer becomes important besides family, the inner circle get founded. Social spaces starts to form in secondary education, the inner circle expands, easy connectivity capital, based on shared interest and experience, extracurricular activities, sport, music, hobby. In higher education mostly social spaces matter, the inner circle becomes the hard connectivity capital, the inner circle shrinks, lands a job through hard connectivy capital.
Parents build a company for their kids in these hard times.
Intellectuals make decisions with the existing contraselective mechanisms, poor grabs what she can.
Shadow education comes to life, teachers help children for extra cash in extra time.
Suddenly the teacher works in the service industry, she ever mentors? Will the teachers who make extra cash from extra activites be the good mentors?
With a higher education diploma you need real world experience to land a job nowadays.
College/university degree is the new SAT.
Academia sets the rule in the whole education system for its own good, it is scientifically positiviste, it is the ancient regime.”

What do you think?

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Map of Future Forces Affecting Education

Now this looks very nice and they promised to send a printed one also!

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Visual bookmarking

I’m trying to find a visual bookmarking tool that let’s me export my collected heap of junk sometime.

I’ve checked Plum, Stylehive, Pixrat, and Wists and were quite sad to see no options to export.

Any ideas?

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Top 10 Tools Index

I’ve posted my top ten to Jane.

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