Instructional videos – cutting a chicken

I took a walk on the wild side to find the best freely available instructional video on how to cut a chicken. Here are my short findings.

Leaving out bad camera, bad sound, unfollowable instructions let’s check my three best bets.

Third place: Aidan Brooks

A young chef who spokes intelligently, but cannot really deliver what he’s talking about, plus doing the whole stuff a bit awkwardly.

Second place: the Videojug way.
VideoJug: How To Quarter A Chicken
I believe that they’re gonna be huge, but the heartless, robotic voice makes it the whole thing a medical instruction. Doing well, but not explaining how it’s done.

And the winner is Podchef



  1. Trig said

    I plead guilty to all the charges including using a cheap camera, having an untrained member of the family behind it, having no personal mic so the sound quality is poor and being awkward in delivery (to relieve a teenager of that trait was, after all, the purpose behind making these videos in the first place). But I definitely don’t plead guilty to being unable to deliver. Grab your knife and chicken and see if you can improve on this:


  2. soobrosa said

    hey Trig,

    no probs with quality of sound or video

    my probs are with using too much knives (me as a would-be learner don’t want to use and don’t have more than one knife), not specifing what you do (see Podchef for appropriate instructions) plus too much trickstery (I can’t cut a chicken while holding it in the air)

    anyway, keep on doing the good stuff!


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