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My life stream @

Forget FriendFinder, Fuser, MyLifeBrand, ProfileLinker and Spokeo. is the real McCoy if it comes to life streaming. No sign up, interfaceless interface, thumbs up!

“ is very low friction take on life streaming that serves as an aggregator for a lot of your public social media feeds.”

Check my feed! (Also did an experiment with a visual representation of the bestof feed from newfocus, it’s here.)


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Playstation Eye strikes back

Much more interesting are the lab videos. (via darkeye)

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Tiddlywiki comes of age

The natural: TiddlyWiki [Wikipedia].
The hosted: TiddlySpot,
The Firefox plug-in: TiddlySnip.
The WYSIWYG editor: VisualTW.
(ASciencePad for math notes.)

What else do we need?

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Eduworlds for kids…

… are getting hotter as my all-time favourite Mind Candy finally unveils its education/riddle-focused kid MMO, Moshi Monsters. For sure they included a real world hook-in, a monster that is activated when your mobile rings. The price of the key chain is also an entry fee to the service. BBC will also start its Adventure Rock this year.

Everything seems to be better than the aesthetically challenged Whyville =]

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