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INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: How to make viral videos!

The video is based on this article @ TechCrunch.


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Now this is in Hungarian, a recent presentation I gave at Web 2.0 Symposium on business models of 2.0 companies.

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Visualizing weekend

I’ve dropped some small and easy visualization examples this weekend.

I’ve submitted a small correction to Junk Charts as could be seen above.

Also got a bit mad on how a Hungarian designer had no clue of infographics so I’ve drafted a Google Gadget on the same data table – I wasn’t aware actually that they’ve made public the Gapminder apps. Click of the pics to see the big diagram and the working interactive chart – sorry, it’s in Hungarian.



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Still on the 3D track (via

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Perhaps Forrester’s right

Now they’ve got the European data, almost the same, a slightly more passive.

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New Top 10 Tools

I’ve posted a new top 10 to Jane, this time a special: offline tools.

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