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Brain Rules (chopped by Garr Reynolds)


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Blog and wiki integration

Update 2: Google Sites are wiki-based and the ‘announcements’ feature is a blog.

If you prefer hosting your own, try Wikyblog that is a wiki – blog (or bliki) application written in PHP with a MySQL backend. The wiki syntax is MediaWiki derived, the user interface is AJAX enhanced and is entirely UTF8 compatible. Check other blikis @ Wikipedia.

Update: try a Tiddlywiki for these purposes or check more adventures with Drupal.

I plan to check out all the Drupal details (lots of instances, latest is this one) of Stephen, I’ve failed to understand its metaphors once, but ’till then I document what we try to achieve seamlessly integrating two leading open source tools, Mediawiki and WordPress.

We/I installed and used both in several instances and they are so widespread that it’s quite easy to show an easy learning curve of them from hosted free solutions to your own installed ones.

Blogs provide an easy timebased and discussion-oriented building tool that should be automatically syncronised with a category/tag-based more graphbased or geographical/maplike tool, like a wiki.

Loading in default content: Word 2 Mediawiki Plus and Excel conversion.

Linking from blog to the wiki: WP Autolink Plugin seems to good to be mashed up with WP Mediawiki Link Plugin.

Although I’m waiting the most of this seemingly real-time Blog to Wiki import.

(Hm. I’ve stumbled upon this phpbb integration, not that’s also nice.)

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