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Papervision3D augmented realities




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5 Camera Tracked Head Gestures for First Person PC Games

Download Torben Sko‘s software for PC.

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The browser is the new OS, indeed

Mozilla Labs is going straight, canvas is the desktop, Thunderhead is the framework.

Check also wonderfl, build flash online.

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I Love Sketch – a 3D sketching interface in 2D

Grab the paper of Seok-Hyung Bae and his fellows.

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Fixing the teacher prob – not the higher ed, though

Update: here’s the transcript.

Watch funny Bill Gates eradicating diseases to stop the population growth and pushing the KIPP Schools hard – and also spreading the word with a book about KIPP.

First I’ve read about them in NYT (via newfocus), then in New Yorker. Gladwell’s article has an other incarnation in his new book, The Outliers.

Grab both books if you can, The Outliers is Gladwell’s best to the day, the other I’m quite interested in reading.

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Immersion with a web cam – low tech 3D

Grab Chris Harrisno‘s paper.

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Mightier – augmented virtuality

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